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April 26, 2016
  Attention Fifth Grade Parents!

Sixth Grade and beginning of the Middle School Experience is just ahead.  To help parents making this a smooth transition Mt. Ararat Middle School will be having a Parent Information Night on Tuesday April 26th.  There will be a special services orientation at 5:30PM and overall information session for all families at 6:00PM in the Orion Events Center at MAMS.  A link to the letter is below.

5th to 6th Grade Transition Process


Bob Stuart at Bowdoin Central School:

Thursday March 31st  Bob Stuart from Maine College Circle joined third, fourth, and fifth grade students to talk about the importance of high aspirations and a college education.  This visit is part of our expanded Aspiration Program which will include a schoolwide CAREER FAIR, May 11, 2016.  These events encourage our students to think about their future careers, goal setting, and how to achieve their dreams.


Winter at Bowdoin Central School

Winter is a magical time here at BCS!  Whether we are busy with math, reading, writing, social studies, science, sledding, exploring our natural world, or enjoying healthy winter exercise we are all in!  


100 Days of Learning

February 29th marked our 100th Day celebration.

Yesterday BCS first grade students celebrated our first hundred days of school through their 100th day projects exhibited at our 100th day museum at school.  The first graders did an excellent job presenting their projects to students and staff.   They explained their projects, how they grouped and kept track of their objects, and what was so important about the number 100 here at school.  A great time was had by all.



"There is gold at the end of the rainbow...
Bowdoin Central School."

October 25, 2015
Thanks to Mrs. Egan for finding it for us!


Some Exciting News…..

Dear Bowdoin Central School Community,

    We are extremely lucky to be part of such a supportive and caring community.  It takes the efforts of just such a community to educate our children effectively. This commitment was exemplified lately.  Due to the hard work of the community collecting “Labels for Education” and the dedication of a group of parents and faculty, Bowdoin Central School has been awarded a grant of $10,000. This award will be crucial in being able to support our classrooms and provide students with unique and relevant experiences.  A special thank-you to Tracy Rousseau, (for discovering the label entry sheet and then spending the time to complete all the entries to make this award possible), and to Katie Card (for cutting and counting the labels on a regular basis) and Ms. Mayo for keeping us on track through the process. This would not have happened without you!  We look forward to working together to use these resources to best impact our students.

                With Great Gratitude,

                            Mr. Keith

Attendance Matters:

When BCS students are absent we miss them!  

Student attendance is key to success.  Research shows that missing 10% of the school days (about 18 during a school year) has a significant negative impact on a students academic success. Keep working hard to make sure your student is at school and ready to learn each day. 

Second and Third Grade Expert Fairs:

Great Job Second and Third Grade!!!
The goal is for students to write about a topic that they are 'experts' on in order to teach the readers about their topics.  Students use a variety of skills to teach their topic: organizing information, elaboration of details, using nonfiction texts as mentors, creating various pages such as "How to" pages, "Fun Facts", small moments within a nonfiction text… 

Students compiled the information into a book that had a table of contents, various information pages, diagrams, author pages, and glossary/index pages.  After going through a draft/revision process students presented their projects in an Expert Fair with artifact displays, visuals, and their texts.  Readers were welcome to leave comments about the authors' books.  There were many observers to the Expert Fair:  members of our school community (teachers and students), as well as the families of the authors. 

Ms. Benner and Ms. Rice

Safety Corner

BCS students and staff practiced our SECOND lockdown drill of the year on December 16, 2015. It was done with the guidance of Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Department and other MSAD75 officials here to help with our initiative to ensure student safety under all circumstances.  The students and staff represented the community proudly.  Students took the drill seriously and helped to present scenarios that tested our teachers’ readiness in an emergency situation.  Well Done!  We will continue to focus on improving safety in our school. 
 Please chat with your student about the importance of these exercises and let us know if they have any concerns.   

If you have questions please give us a call.  666-5779


Our Days at BCS

District & School News
Principal - Ryan Keith

Secretary - Karen Mayo
BCS Career Fair
May 11th 12-3

Annual BCS 5K and BBQ
May 21st 10-12


Find out more about the status of the project.
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